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Smile promotions dance music events in the mid ninetys hosted by DJ ChitChat


Book an event with Smile Promotions wear a smile!

Back in the mid ninety's, when the rave scene was literally on everone's doorstep, Surbiton & Kingston was blessed with Smile!

A page dedicated to Smile Promotions, originally the brain child of DJ ChitChat (london smile dj), that went on to be everyone's party. Respect to Pickle for the original venue, without this Smile may never of materialised, and what has to get a mention is his set on the opening night - that really stole the show! The other half of Smile Promotions was Darroch Allen without whom he events and organisation just simply wouldn't of happened...

Where to begin? What an epic journey Smile Promotions was for me; constantly risking everything I didn't have, for nights that almost sent my blood pressure through the roof, all for the love of music!!