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dj chit chat 1989 smile promotions and labrynth dj four aces 4 aces club dalston lane


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Dj Chit Chat, Old School House Dj from London, Labrynth and Smile Promotions Dj, Classic Tunes from the Summer of Love 1989, Dalston Lane, Silver City.....

Information, memories and socialising for those of us lucky enough to have experienced the vibe of '89. Only the hapiest of people need apply! (respect; Joe, Sue and all things Labrynth, Oi, Oi!) DJChitChat, DJ Chit Chat, DJ ChitChat, London DJ, Smile Promotions, Labrynth, Dalston Lane, Four Aces, Old School House, 1989, Kingston, Download Dance Tunes, DJ Chit Chat Blog, Profile, dj chit chat 1989 smile promotions and labrynth dj four aces 4 aces club dalston lane legacy in the dust. silver city, wood green labrynth in johnnys night club opposite wood green tube station. This building has since been demolished just like the spiritual home of Labrynth - Dalston Lane. I spent the winter of 89 in this club, it was an amazing vibe, just the kind of vibe you'd expect from a Joe and Sue bash, that's what makes Labrynth such a legend!

This website is here for everyone's fun and follows the history of an amazing decade (or two!) as experienced by a London old skool dj (DJ Chit Chat, DJChitChat, DJ ChitChat, Steve Chitty,Stephen Chitty, Chitty Chat, Chat Chitty, DJ Chitty, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! ) on the fringe of just about everything going on at the time!! You're invited to join in and share your own experiences with us so that everyone else can take a trip down memory lane and re-live that 'once in a lifetime' feeling.....raving in '89! The story of an original eighty-nine old skool, or if your preference is old school ;0) house & dance dj!

We're in the midst of catering for a huge range of dance music downloads, covering just about every era of dance and rave music you can think of.....try us for house, US garage, Uk garage, Techno, Hard House, Trance, Hardcore, Jungle, Happy House, Happy Hardcore, Dubstep. The list is endless! (actually, if you think we've missed something, shout! We'll be happy to add to the list! All of our genres will be available in multi format: Audio file, MP3, CD, Vinyl - click here to visit our downloads page

Looks like we've also got a long way to go to finish our London based Dance Music DJ Agency, but fear not; in this case a 'web site' picture doesn't actually tell the story - we're ready to rock your party any time....just say the word! A huge catalogue of London old school house DJ's at your service, with backgrounds of all dance music genres, located not just in the UK, but across the globe in locations ready to go such as Ibiza :0)

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